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How to Transfer iPad Camera Roll to PC?

Photo says more than word. With a camera, iPad tends to be the perfect mate increasingly in our spare time. Now, you don't need to take digital camera any place you go, because you can shot every precious moment and take photos with camera on iPad. Thus, there must be a great number of photos on your iPad. I'm sure you are not content to enjoy these photos or videos on iPad only. You computer is a nice choice.

Well, how to transfer iPad camera roll to PC? Turn to annoying iTunes for help? Of course not. iPad to PC Transfer Program is highly recommended here. This software is designed especially for users to transfer files from iPod to computer. It works well in the process of extracting photo, video, book, playlist, voice memo, podcast, TV show, etc. from iPad to iTunes.

OK, let's check out the detailed process of transfer iPad camera roll to iTunes.

Tips: For Mac users, the iPad to Mac Transfer is the helper.

How to Transfer iPad Camera Roll to PC?

Step 1: Run the software after connecting iPad with computer. Then this software will auto-scan all iPad files and show them to you as following screen.

launch transfer to get ready to transfer ipad camera roll to pc

Step 2: Then go to "Camera Roll" to find the target files you need. Or you can go to to input the name of the files and the software will sort out the target files for you quickly. Then start to transfer iPad camera roll to PC through pressing the hit the button to export music button.

pick out files in camera roll in order to copy camera roll from ipad to computer

Step 3: When the transferring is done, below screen will pop up to remind you. Just click the "Yes" to locate the exported camera roll files. If you want to do another transferring, just click "No" icon.

find the exported camera roll

OK, we have done the whole job. If you want to know more about this software, just free download to transfer iPad camera roll to PC by yourself. Stop hesitateing. Join in with us right now!

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