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Add a Printer to iPad

Many iPad users are not happy for the lack of the printer on iPad. Fortunately, you can add a printer to iPad by yourself. Don't take adding printer app to your iPad as a complicated task. Just free download or buy a suitable iPad printer app for your ipad and you can print whatever you want to print. Next we will introduce the top printer apps for iPad to you, so you can choose your favorite one.

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Top Printer Apps for iPad

Add a Printer to iPad Choice 1 - PrintBureau
Print direct to most WiFi/Wireless printers without additional software. Print to ALL printers and any document type via your Mac/PC. Print remotely over 3G and in corporate/other networks where WiFi is not available. View, store & print email, documents, files, attachments, photos, contacts and web pages on your iPad.

add a printer to ipad-1

Add Camera to iPad Choice 2 - ePrint
The ePrint solves to print directory from iPad, and works with the printers installing the following printer description language. If you have "ePrint" and required printers, you don’t need PC anymore. You can print various contents such as contacts, photos, notes, Web pages or PDF files contacts in your iPad,iPhone or iPod touch as you like.

add a printer to ipad-2

Add a Printer to iPad Choice 3 - PrintCentral for iPad
PrintCentral combines all of the key features from the the printing apps available on the iTunes store today. PrintCentral includes some network file-sharing capabilities that make it more than a multifaceted printing app and print using ALL the same document formats to ALL printers used by your Mac/PC . PrintCentral is much more than a printing utility - it is a veritable office center.

add a printer to ipad-3

Add a Printer to iPad Choice 4 - Print n Share for advanced printing
Print n Share is constantly being improved to take advantage of all the latest iPhone/iPad operating system features to provide our customers with the best printing solution. Print to ALL printers (Network/WiFi/USB/Bluetooth) via your Mac or PC or direct to most WiFi printers without additional software. Also print to Apple AirPrint printers.

add a printer to ipad-4

That's all the printer apps for iPad we introduce to you. According to your actual need, select the best iPad printer app for your iPad. So that you can add a printer to iPad and enjoy yourself!

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